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Sculpture "Flower" by Peter Ozyumenko

Manufacturer: Ukraine

Brand: Ozyumenko brothers

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The Flower statuette is another example of beauty and gracefulness created by the world-famous author – Petr Ozyumenko.
In this statuette, the author immortalized a seemingly ordinary unremarkable plant. At first appearance the statuette looks like an ordinary thistle or “budyak” as it is often called among common people, yet its amazing craftsmanship put the things right. Thistle has long been considered a symbol of aspiration and inexhaustible life energy. Legends say that thorns just, like the fortress walls, protect and safely hide a truly vulnerable and kind soul, capable of unlimited love and sacrifice, which can overcome any obstacles and resist evil.
The remarkable craftsmanship of the sculptor made it possible to successfully embody the entire complexity of the plant structure with its many thorns as well as the unique texture of leaves and buds. This flower, despite its prickliness, is the embodiment of the true beauty of nature. This is what the author took as a basis when creating this work of art. The graceful buds made of amethysts are harmoniously combined with bronze leaves. Amethyst, as a stone symbolizing wealth and prosperity, adds charm and exquisiteness to this item. In addition, the statuette features another decoration – various small bugs that hide among the leaves.
The perfection of this figurine is fascinating, it will become an unrivalled gift for your friends, acquaintances or colleagues. Decorate the interior of any room with this statuette organically complementing the initial design.

Author: Petr Ozyumenko;
Materials: bronze, sodalite, amethysts;
Item Height: 70 cm;

Item Weight: 12.000 kg;
Technique: bronze casting, stamping, silver plating, patinating, lacquering, incrustation.

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