Vizuri Sculpture «Magnate»

ID: 9656

Manufacturer: «Vizuri»
Brand: Vizuri
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Material: bronze, cold enamel, marble
Size: 16*12 cm
weight: 1,8 kg
Brand: Vizuri
Country: Manufacturer: «Vizuri»
ID: 9656
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The Magnate statuette from the world-famous brand VIZURI will doubtlessly interest all zealous collectors of original design solutions. The VIZURI handicrafts made from natural materials are a bold embodiment of the modern style with an eminent artistic conception, European quality, filigree professional work of the true creators, centuries-old traditions of metal and stone processing and casting technology, passed down from generation to generation.
The offered statuette is made of high-quality natural bronze with enamel incrustations and mounted on a marble pedestal, which gives it a special charm, luxury, and fashion The authors have chosen a horse as the central image of the statuette with a bit of irony and subtle humour. The horse is sitting in a rocking chair smoking a pipe and playing a game of chess. Aristocracy, sophistication, exquisiteness, subtlety and even a certain refinement of the statuette simply cannot be ignored.
If you are seeking an unusual and, which is equally significant, prestigious gift for a special celebration then this statuette is your best option. Such a figurine will splendidly emphasize the owner’s distinguished profile and high position in society. Conveniently placed on a shelf in the office or on a working desk it will remind them of your truly royal gesture for many years.

Statuette: bronze, cold enamel;
Stone: marble;
Item Dimensions: Height – 16 cm; Diameter –12 cm;
Item Weight: 1.8 kg.

подарок, статуэтки купить, подарок мужчине

Product availability: Out of stock
Brand: Vizuri
Country: Manufacturer: «Vizuri»
ID: 9656
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