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"Fish", Zinovy Flinta

Brand: Зиновий Флинта

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The decorative plate Fish dates back to 1966. Doubtlessly, its colour plays a key role in the transformation of an ordinary plate into the artistic image, distinguished by incredible freshness, juiciness, and creativity. Rich colours and relief modelling significantly enhance the emotional load radiated by this item.
This creation, like all other works of the outstanding Ukrainian ceramist, painter, and graphic artist Zinovy Petrovich Flint, is characterized by indescribable originality, sophistication, and exclusivity. Flint had no equals in the ability to experiment, create unique solutions from unusual materials, using amazing textures and special shapes. Each piece of art that has emerged from under the skilful hands of the craftsman is unique and truly inimitable – Flint never repeated himself which is why all his masterpieces are made in a single copy. Therefore, all owners of Zinovy Flint’s works possess creations with no analogues. This particular item is made on the basis of a decorative ceramic layer and stoneware using watering techniques.
Such an exclusive plate will certainly become the most unusual decoration of your home, taking its rightful place among other interior design solutions. It will certainly never fail to amaze your guests and loved ones, causing delight and universal admiration, as well as unobtrusively hinting at the refined taste, status and exquisiteness of her owner’s nature. This decorative plate is a wonderful and, which is no less important, extremely extraordinary gift for any celebration.

Item Dimensions: 39×19 cm;
Materials: stone with hand-painted relief elements and enamel incrustations.
Available in one copy.

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