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Figurine "Tiger Samurai" from the brothers Ozyumenko

Manufacturer: Ukraine

Brand: Ozyumenko brothers

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Samurai were noble Japanese warriors. Right from birth, they were taught valour and courage, military skills and aristocratic self-possession. In feudal Japan the “samurai” title was inheritable. These warriors knew no fear of death and were ready to give their lives for the matters of duty and honour. Countless legends praise their strength of mind, devotion, and fortitude. They are often compared to the medieval knights, although the Samurai code of honour – the Bushido (the way of warriors) is distinguished in many ways by its unique complex aesthetics.
The determination to take the Samurai path speaks of the man’s courage, his desire to train, self-improve and develop a philosophical view of life. Such a person has iron willpower and strives for spiritual and physical perfection.
The samurai used two main weapons: katana and wakizashi. In addition, they also had to study archery and horseback riding. The typical samurai armours were made of many plates tightly laced to each other. Because of this they were lightweight and at the same time durable.
It is impossible to remain indifferent to this culture and its centuries-old traditions, which is why the traditions of the samurai continue to inspire leaders and successful people even in our time.
The sculptor depicted the Spirit of the Samurai embodied in the image of the Tiger – a beautiful, charismatic, dexterous and courageous predator – frozen in the moment of a fierce battle with his enemy. The Tiger, baring his teeth in a grin, fixes his gaze on the enemy and, releasing his tenacious claws, raises his sword for a final crushing blow. The wind makes the clothes folds take on a life of their own – all the details of the statuette emphasise the momentum of ultimate intensity.  The flag with the emblem of his clan flutters, arrows pierce right through it, yet the warrior does not notice it and continues to rush forward.
The complexity of the work of art, the originality of idea, the versatility of embodied meanings, the impeccable plasticity, and the subtlety of details, angles, and textures of this sculptural composition will surely amaze the viewers. It has all the chances to become a truly luxurious gift that will inspire its owner to heroism, overcoming difficulties and new triumphal victories.

Item Dimensions: 52×32×18 cm;
Materials: bronze, labradorite, nickel-plating, gold-plating, steel, amethysts;

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