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Sculpture "The Lion King" by Andrei Ozyumenko

Manufacturer: Ukraine

Brand: Ozyumenko brothers

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This statuette is one of the most fascinating and remarkable masterpieces of the huge collection created by Andrey Ozyumenko. All his passion and interest in heraldry and travelling is embodied in The Lion King statuette.
Lions have always been considered the kings of animals, embodiments of strength, courage, wisdom, and greatness. So it is small wonder that lions adorn many heraldic emblems including even monarchical ones. This noble animal is a symbol of power and justice, courage and gallantry, aspiration and confidence. These qualities are the ones the author tried to implement when creating this exquisite interior solution.
This designer handmade sculpture is cast from bronze. The author paid special attention to its lines and the overall silhouette, the methods of embossing and mechanical treatment, as well as tinting and polishing of bronze, which gives this item an even more elegant and majestic look. The lion – a protector and guardian – is depicted by the author precisely at the moment of fury and for a good reason. This noble animal, raised on its hind legs and topped with a crown, holds a majestic sharp sword in one paw, protecting the family crest with another one, clad in armour.
The Lion King statuette is an extremely original and unique design solution that will harmoniously complement the interior of your home, emphasizing the refined taste of its owner. At the moment, this statuette is a splendid example of style, charm, and prestige.

Author: Andrey Ozyumenko
Materials: bronze, basalt, amethysts;
Item Height: 33 cm;

Item Weight: 4.500 kg;
Technique: bronze casting, stamping, patinating, incrustation, lacquering.

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