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Citizen is the world's largest watch manufacturer. During its existence, the company left a noticeable mark in the history of watchmaking, and, speaking about its achievements, it is simply impossible to do without the definition of “first”. She owns the creation of the first quartz watches, one of the most accurate in the world (movement errors do not exceed three seconds per year), the invention of the first quartz watches in a waterproof case, the first electronic watch, the first titanium watch, the first solar-powered watch, as well as the first hours for scuba diving with a built-in depth gauge.
Citizen is currently engaged in the latest developments in Eco-Dnve technology. The Eco-Drive mechanism is able to convert sunlight or artificial light into clean energy. Using this technology, Citizen has created a number of recent innovations, including Eco-Drive Thermo, Eco-Drive Infinitum and Eco-Drive Eclisse. The energy for the operation of its Eco-Drive Thermo mechanism receives from the difference between the temperature of the hand and the temperature of the air.