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The old book «Starosvetskiy Bandurista», Zakrevsky N., 1860-1861, lifetime edition

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Our online store of souvenir solutions offers all connoisseurs of folklore, in particular, folk songs, sayings, proverbs and riddles, the exclusive rare edition of 1860–1861 The Old World Bandurist by the outstanding Ukrainian historian, folklorist, lexicographer and ethnographer, the author of the first scientific historical and geographical description of Kyiv, Nikolai Vasilyevich Zakrevsky (1805–1871). Undoubtedly, the first edition of this fundamental work has historical, cultural and scientific value, and is of collectible interest, being a bibliographic rarity and a lifetime edition of the author. It should be noted that the presence of this book in libraries, museums, and private collections determines the special status of these collections.

This book is essentially a unique anthology of Ukrainian folklore. The preface is devoted to the Ukrainian literature and the Ukrainian language. The first two parts of the book contain Ukrainian folk and author songs, as well as other examples of small folklore genres: proverbs, sayings, riddles, etc. The third part of the work contains a dictionary of Ukrainian phraseology with more than 11,000 words. For 20 years, the author has been working on this part of his book. At the end of the book, the author provides a detailed list of old and new sources from which he obtained lexical material.

Ukrainian folk art is very ancient, very rich, and of paramount importance for the history of Ukrainian culture. It summarizes the centuries-old human experience; it is the embodiment of folk wisdom, popular worldview, and national ideals. It reflects national psychology, national consciousness, national history, and philosophy. This book by Nikolai Zakrevsky will become your guide to the age-old Ukrainian traditions and reveal to you many new facets of the seemingly familiar Ukrainian lore.

[Zakrevsky M.] YE OLDE BANDURA-PLAYER. 1860–1861. Collected by Mykola Zakrevsky: [in 3 volumes] Books 1–3. Moscow: Academic printing-house.
Book 1: Selected Songs and Dumas of Little Russia and Galicia. — 1860. — [2] sheets, VI, VIII, 11–136 pages, 1.
Book 2: Sayings, proverbs, and riddles of Little Russia and Galicia. — 1860. — 137–244 pages.
Book 3: Dictionary of idiomatic expressions of Little Russia. — 1861. —245–628 pages.
Book Size: 23.5 х 17. 5 х 3 cm.

Bibliography: The Library of Russian Poetry of N. Rozanov.
Bibliographic entry. – No. 5781;
B.D. Hrinchenko The Literature of Ukrainian Folklore. 1777-1900.
Bibliographical index. – No. 299 (books. 1, 2).

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