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The deluxe edition of the Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton): Legends of Luxury, leather-bound

Manufacturer: Ukraine

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We offer you the unique gift book Louis Vuitton: Luxurious Legends. This book was released to mark the 150th anniversary of one of the most famous fashion houses in the world, Louis Vuitton.
The book describes the history of the Vuitton family business, which for one and a half centuries has been rightfully keeping the first place in the world in terms of beauty, elegance, and high quality. In the distant 1834, Louis Vuitton, a son of a carpenter, invented the first flat case. His interest in the new modes of transport allowed him to create luggage specially adapted for each type of travel: wardrobe suitcases, driver’s bags with a wheel compartment, suitcases for transporting bicycles, travel bags for every taste, etc. Both the excellent product quality and its own style have won the company a world-famous name. The book contains 660 archive photos and illustrations.
The book is entirely handmade. The book is exquisitely decorated with a combination of black genuine leather of Italian manufacture and relief gold stamping.  The front side is decorated with the sign of the House of Louis Vuitton and massive patterned gold embossing; relief embossings are made on both sides of the book. The books were made manually using the durable binding technology in strict accordance with ancient traditions The backbone is decorated with a combination of blind and gold stamping, an emblem of Louis Vuitton and book title made manually using relief stamping.
The book edges are hand polished and gilded. The book comes in a leather case.
Thanks to the high quality of printing, interesting content, and last but not least luxurious design, this book will become a luxurious adornment of both personal and family libraries. This is a great gift for both men and women, lovers of this legendary brand and fashion in general.
Book Size – 32.5x24.5 cm
Number of pages – 496 (coated paper, full-colour printing)
Weight – 3.9 kg.

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