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Gift edition «The Book of Power», Shang Yan

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Our online elite gift store offers all connoisseurs of exclusive literature a truly unique work of the Chinese thinker and politician Shang Yang (390-338 BC) The Book of Power, which has won the same admiration as the works of Confucius. In Europe, it became popular only after two millennia and centuries after the publication of the world-famous The Prince by Machiavelli.
The Technology of power is an integral and unified doctrine aimed at strengthening the government of a ruler who sincerely wants to restore power and glory of his country. The author’s advice, which is relevant even after many centuries, will become a valuable and effective mechanism aimed at achieving the ideal combination of power available to the ruler and the government, in which each side has a huge impact on the opposite.
Of course, this work will be of interest to every person who is more or less interested in history or politics, therefore, presenting it as a gift, you will certainly delight the birthday celebrant. The binding is a combination of two types of genuine leather made in Italy. The cover decorated with elegant embossing features a central element decorated by the metallization method, and the Yin and Yang sign made of gilded metal and covered with jewellery enamel. Undoubtedly, such a book is the best gift for any occasion.

Leather headband.
Full-leather binding.
Polished edges covered with foil; golden colour.
Technique: metallization, high relief, leather embossing.
Book size: 210×270 mm;
Number of pages: 256.

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