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Дозиметр-радиометр поисковый МКС-07


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This dosimeter is unique in that it is an all-in-one search device to detect and locate γ-, β-, α- and neutron radiation sources.

The kit includes γ- and β-radiation detection components. You can order α- and neutron radiation detection components individually.
The tool can register soft β-radiation as well. It features Geiger-Muller counters with a synchronous rectifier impervious to reverse feed.
One of the distinctive features of the device is a non-volatile memory that can hold up to 4096 measurement results. All the recorded results can be viewed on the display and transmitted to a personal computer via IR-port. You will hear an audio signal when γ-rays or β-particles get detected. Whenever the set threshold levels are exceeded, you will be notified by sound of the actual γ- or β-radiation dose. The telescopic rod and backlit display will help you to follow your tasks in various conditions.

Main applications of the device:
– Measurement of ambient dose equivalent rate (ADER) of γ-radiation and X-rays.

– Measurement of ambient dose equivalent (ADE) of γ-radiation and X-rays.
– Measurement of surface flux density of β-particles.
– Measurement of surface flux density of α-particles using the α-radiation detection component SDCA-07 (order separately).
– Measurement of surface flux density of slow and fast neutrons using the detection component SDCN-07 (order separately).

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